The worthiness workshop

A 2 hour recorded workshop that will guide you to:

- Understand your limiting beliefs
- Pinpoint what parts of your life are lacking worthiness
- Create a custom action plan to get you back to your inherent worthiness
- Feel more empowered in your personal worth than ever before

This workshop includes:

- The Pre-Recorded 2 hour workshop
- A Printable workbook
- A Guided Worthiness Visualization
- A Celebratory Dance Party
- BONUS: 22 Minute Worthiness Reprograming Meditation

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A 7 week group coaching experience, where you will join a community of people on a journey to Confidence, Self Love and Happiness.

In this program you will receive:

- 5 Learning Module
- A Private App Based Community
- 7 Live Group Coaching calls with Paul
- Lifetime Access to Course, Calls and Community

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what is self-love?

What a great question! I like to pull the word apart to get to the core meaning. Self, simply put, is the individual and love means devotion. When we put them together we land on a very clear definition. The devotion to your individuality! If you want to learn more about Self-Love and what it means to truly get devoted to you, check out The Self Love Success Path, my flagship course!

why can't I enroll in the self love diet??

The Self Love Diet runs twice a year and enrollment just must not be open right now. Make sure to get on the waitlist and keep your eyes peeled on instagram and in your email. The program normally runs in February and September!

i am worried that enrolling in your programs is selfish

I totally hear that. There is a big misconception out there about Self-Love being selfish. The reality is that not loving yourself is actually the most selfish thing you can do in your life. By not loving yourself and hiding the best parts of you the world will not get to experience you in all your glory! My programs have been thoughtfully created to give you the confidence you need to shine your light and thrive!

are you taking any 1:1 clients?

I am always open to exploring how best to serve you in this work. If you are craving the intimacy of 1:1 coaching please fill out this application form. Upon review my team and I will get back to you regarding current options and availability.


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