heal your worthiness wound

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2 hour digital masterclass + workbook

if you don't feel worthy of putting yourself first you will never be able to do it

knowing that you are worthy of asking for the things you desire is the first step to having the courage to do just that!

imagine never second guessing whether you deserve the raise, the vacation or the alone time again.

This workshop will support you doing just that!

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have you ever defined yourself as a people pleaser? someone who puts their needs behind everyone elses?

This workshop will help you put yourself first! 

in just 2 hours you will

learn what a limiting belief is

uncover what beliefs you have that are holding you back

discover how to manifest your dreams with worthiness

experience a guided worthiness visualization

celebrate yourself with an epic dance party!

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- Burnell

- jordana

what you're getting inside the worthiness workshop

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a 2 hour pre-recorded masterclass with paul

A printable Workbook to support your journey

lifetime access to the masterclass and workbook

a bonus 22 minute worthiness reprogramming meditation

bonus 22 minute worthiness meditation

access to the private facebook community

access to private facebook community

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the worthiness workshop is only $97

Paul Fishman is a Self-Love Coach, Business Mentor and You-Do-You Activist. His work has been featured on podcasts like, The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Show, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine, James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business Podcast and countless others.

Paul has partnered with brands like FabFitFun and Tone It Up to teach about Self-Love and Self Confidence and his Top 100 podcast The Road to Self Love has amassed over 100K downloads!

Through his own experiences stepping into Self Confidence and Self-Love, Paul has discovered the exact way to create a happy and fulfilled life with ease.

Paul has been coaching and leading people towards Self-Love and Confidence since 2013.

who am I?


do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of most of our programs and offerings we are unable to offer refunds for any programs once purchased. If you have questions about this policy please review our site terms and conditions or email

can you guarantee that this workshop will work for me?

Although we fully believe in the power of this workshop and have had many positive testimonials, we are unable to offer any guarantees. There are far too many factors that go into you being successful in this workshop like actually doing it, taking the time to be present and putting the things you learn into practice. Please review our site terms and conditions or email if you have any questions.

How much time will this workshop take?

The workshop takes around 2 hours to complete. We recommend doing this workshop in one sitting if you are able. Since this is a digital product that you have lifetime access to you are able to as long as you would like to complete it. That is up to you!

i'm interested in experiencing this workshop live with paul

At this time Paul is not offering this workshop live, however make sure that you are on his email list to be notified of any opportunities to work with him live. You may also apply to work with him 1:1 or purchase a 60 minute call with him.

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