Does the thought of taking a day to yourself, having fun, and letting loose stress you out?

Does anxiety come knocking on your door when you think about putting yourself first?

Do you tend to feel guilty when you do things for yourself?

but first

You are not alone,

In fact, most people have forgotten how to truly let go and just have fun.

Mostly because there’s this overwhelming need to be productive, create, achieve and succeed.

Hold on a second! Who decided that playtime was wrong? Who decided that living a life centered around joy wasn’t the real secret sauce? Who told you that your email, family and boss all had to come first 24/7?

oh hey, it's your boy Paul Fishman

and for the longest time, I based my worth off of external validation. Driven by shame and guilt I would say “Yes” to the things I wanted to say “No” to and “No” to the things I wanted to say “Yes” to, all because it felt easier to let other people decide my value.

Let me just say that way of life was not a cute look. In fact, it nearly killed me.

As I went through my life rejecting my own needs I got sicker and sicker. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually drained by trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted for me.

Until one day enough was enough and I gave myself permission to say YES TO ME!

And a big part of saying yes to me was allowing myself to play and have fun!

I was shocked to experience how rapidly my life changed when I allowed myself to experience joy without shame!

My inner child knew exactly how to heal me from the inside out.

And if you feel like you silence your joy so others can thrive.

Or you know what it feels like to experience guilt and shame when you aren’t being productive.

Or you’ve just forgotten what it feels like to laugh and have an actual good time.

Then you’re invited to join me for a day of playtime and celebration at the most magical placon earth!

you're invited

magical place


the disneyland
self love day of play

the disneyland
self love day of play

saturday, january 15th
Anaheim, CA

saturday, january 15th
Anaheim, CA

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Spend a day with me having fun, self-caring the eff out of ourselves, and connecting at the most magical place on earth, Disneyland.

If you love Disney and want to hang out with some new friends while reconnecting with your inner child this is the experience for you.

Imagine arriving at Disneyland and meeting me at the gates along with some new friends. We’ll game plan the day over breakfast and set the tone with some fun ice breakers and then head off to ride the rides and get to know each other even better.

You’ll have the opportunity to spend some 1:1 time with me and really embody what it feels like to operate from your joy center.

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This experience is for the human who feels disconnected from their inner child and wants to have a day of carefree connection.

This experience is for the human who might feel uncomfortable around new people and wants to work on that.

This experience is for the human who wants to feel less shame around having a good time and start living their life to the fullest.

This experience is going to change your life in just ONE day!

change your life

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what is included:

Disneyland Admission
Breakfast and Dinner
1:1 time with Paul
New Friends!
Lots of fun!
A personalized Self Love Swag Bag
30 days of voice and text 1:1 coaching after the event
Private Group Chat for all attendees

what is not included:

Airfare, transportation to and from the park, and accommodations
Souvenirs or snacks during the day
Alcoholic Beverages at meals

tentative itinerary

8AM: Breakfast at Goofy's Buffet at the Disneyland Hotel
12-1PM: Lunch
1PM-8PM: California Adventure And/Or Disneyland
8PM: Dinner at Naples Italian in Downtown Disney

only 7 spots available

your investment $1797

payment plans are available

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why do i have to apply for this event?

Because space is limited we are requiring applications to help us determine the best people for this experience. When you fill out the application it helps us get to know you quickly and efficiently.

how much 1:1 time will I have with paul?

I am committed to spending at least 30 minutes with each member of the Self Love Day of Play. The times will be allocated prior to the day and I will do my best to adhere to them. You are guaranteed at least 30 minutes of 1:1 time with me during the day.

what if I'm traveling to anaheim?

Amazing! Let's make a trip out of it. I recommend flying in on Thursday or Friday and staying at one of the Disney resorts or at a hotel in Anaheim. Once you secure your spot for the Self Love Day of Play I'm happy to help you find the best place to stay.

Tell me about the 30 days of 1:1 coaching

After our day together I want to make sure you are fully supported in your transition to fully living in joy! You'll have access to me through February 15th on the Voxer voice and text messaging app where I will be available to support you Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. You can ask me anything, share things that are coming up for you in your day to day life or just use me as that best friend who loves to listen!

what if I want more time with you?

I'm honored that you'd want more time with me! I will happily curate an additional 1:1 VIP day for you either before or after the Self Love Day of Play. This could look like an additional day at Disneyland, a luxurious self care day in Beverly Hills or a day in my hometown of San Diego.  

What is in the self love swag bag?

I'm obsessed with surprises and can't give everything away but I will share that the bags will be personalized and you are going to LOVE what's inside!

can i bring my family with me? they love disney!

While I know how much you love your family it's important that you experience the true magic of detaching from your familial role. The point of this day is to get you out of your day to day responsibilities so you can just let loose and enjoy yourself!

have a question i didn't answer? email me at or shoot me a dm on instagram @paulfishman

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