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Confidence is the most important trait to have if you want to be successful in life

Whether you want to ask for a raise at work, have a vulnerable conversation with a loved one or launch your own business, the number one thing that you’ll need to make anything happen is CONFIDENCE!

Imagine not being scared to ask for what you want out of life ever again!

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Learn everything you need to know about developing Self Confidence so that you can finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of... in just 5 days!

in just 5 days you will

Pinpoint the exact reason you lack self confidence and learn how to rewrite that story





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the 5 day confidence challenge

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five 60 minute jam packed live video sessions with me

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A Private Facebook community

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the confidence to accomplish everything you've ever wanted

day one:

Day One is all about discovering who you are and why you are having a hard time being confident. Understand what you want and how to get it.

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day two:
SELF awareness

day three:
SELF acceptance

day four:
SELF expression

day five:
SELF love

This training focuses on unpacking the things that are keeping you from being confident. Identify and dismantle limiting thought patterns. 

When you fully accept who you are you will be that person every single day! Learn my easy 4 step process to confidently live your life.

I’m going to teach you how to go out and get what you want! Perfect your communication skills and learn how to ask for what you want!

Confidently living your life is SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK! Enroll in the 5 Day Confidence Challenge today!

Over the course of nearly 8 years in the coaching industry the number one thing my clients come to me with is a lack of confidence.

Having more confidence means that you will be able to do all the things that you have always wanted to do.

Maybe you want to ask for a raise at work! More confidence will get you through your bosses door with ease.

Maybe you want to ask your crush out on a date! More confidence will help you snag that date while barely breaking a sweat.

Is there something that you have been wanting to do for yourself, your family or your career but haven’t? Having the confidence to take the risk will help you reap the rewards!

What would happen if you had the confidence to know that you couldn’t fail? 

What would happen if you had the confidence to believe in yourself fully?

People with more confidence are known to be happier, less anxious and experience less stress.

Self Confidence is a direct result of believing in yourself and that is what you will accomplish in just 5 short days!

When was the last time you committed to doing something for yourself?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to trust that you were meant for something more?

Have the confidence to believe in yourself enough to take the leap into the arms of this challenge!

Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to live your life without confidence

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Some even said that if they would have known how valuable it was going to be that they would have spent 5 times the amount that they did to join.

You see, the mistake that most people make is they undervalue themselves and therefore don’t accomplish the things they want to in life.

Or worse...

They let OTHER PEOPLE undervalue them! Meaning, they let their lack of confidence dig them into such a deep hole of self-doubt that they rely on other people to tell them their worth.

Think of it this way: The more confident you are within yourself, the more empowered you will be to take action towards your goals.

I know what you’re thinking, “Can’t I just order another Self-Help book?!” or “Isn’t there an influencer I can follow on Instagram who can help me boost my confidence?”

Well, sure, there are heaps of them out there. Take a look at your bookshelf or social media feed… How many of those books have you purchased that you didn’t even finish? Or worse, didn’t even start? How many influencers do you follow that actually inspire you to be more confident?

Now, think about how thrilling it will be to experience the confidence you’ve been craving for YEARS in just 5 DAYS!

I can feel your excitement through the screen!

Are you ready?

Now, my previous students would say that the confidence they’ve gained throughout this challenge is priceless. 


the 5 day confidence challenge is normally $597 but...

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I confidently stand by this challenge and know that you will benefit greatly from it! If, at the end of this challenge you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the content, what you learned or for any other reason please email and we will make it right!

See Terms and Conditions for full details


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BONUS #2 ($397 Value)

the Forgiveness

In this masterclass you will learn how to forgive yourself for your past experiences, release the need to dwell on what could have been and get on with your life! 

BONUS #1 ($47 Value)

the confidence meditation bundle

Experience nearly 60 minutes of exclusive guided meditations created just for this challenge. This bundle includes a meditation for confidence, a meditation for worthiness and a meditation to activate your intuition.

THAT's nearly $1000 worth of value for just $297! plus all of the confidence you'll gain... which is priceless!

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Paul Fishman is a Self-Love Coach, Business Mentor and You-Do-You Activist. His work has been featured on podcasts like, The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Show, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine, James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business Podcast and countless others.

Paul has partnered with brands like FabFitFun and Tone It Up to teach about Self-Love and Self Confidence and his Top 100 podcast The Road to Self Love has amassed over 100K downloads!

Through his own experiences stepping into Self Confidence and Self-Love, Paul has discovered the exact way to create a happy and fulfilled life with ease.

Paul has been coaching and leading people to their Self-Love and Confidence since 2013.

who am I?


how can i watch the calls?

All calls will be hosted on Zoom (a free video conferencing software). The calls will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to them inside our members' portal.

when will the calls happen?

As a way to foster inclusivity we will be running a poll inside the facebook group with a few different times to choose from. The one with the most votes will be the time that the calls happen. Once again, if you cannot make the calls live you will have lifetime access to the replays inside the members' portal.

How much time will this challenge take?

This challenge is an intensive deep dive into building Self Confidence! If you want to participate live the challenge will requires a minimum of 1 hour per day for 5 days in a row. You will have access to the videos, workbook and facebook community for life which means that you can go at your own pace if you want to! 

do you really guarantee that I'll be more confident after this challenge?

YES! If you do the work and show up for yourself and the community I can confidently share that you will experience more confidence in your life. I stand by this challenge with my whole heart and know that you will come out the other side CONFIDENT AF! That is why I offer my 10 Day Confidence Guarantee. (full details on the terms and conditions page)

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