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What would your life look like if you weren’t bound to the pain of your ancestors?

What would your life look like if you weren’t bound to the pain of your ancestors?

...but what if it didn’t start with you and actually started 1,2,3… 7 generations back? What if the reason you’re struggling in life is rooted in something that happened to your great-great-grandmother or ancestors as they fled their native land?

What if there was a way to rapidly mend ancestral trauma all while healing your own life?

Starting Friday December 10th at 2pm we will gather in Valley Center, CA, just 50 minutes northeast of the San Diego International Airport for a weekend full of community, connection, and healing work.

Enjoy 80 acres of rural land, abundant citrus and winter gardens, plus the opportunity to create lifelong change for yourself and others.

You will have the opportunity to camp directly on the grounds, rent a room inside the onsite property or enjoy a local Airbnb or hotel nearby.

Every retreat guest will be treated to gourmet scratch-made meals utilizing seasonal and locally sourced organic produce and meats. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options will be readily available.

Find out with a Family Constellation Ceremony and allow your soul to do the work.

Retreat Includes:

3 Days of Constellation Ceremony
Dinner on Friday
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks on Saturday and Sunday
Light Breakfast on Monday

Optional Group Dreaming with Grandmother Sarah

**There is an option for those who do not require meals other than Lunch on Saturday and Sunday 

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Retreat Does Not Include:

Camping or camping gear, Accommodations, flight, and transportation to and from airport

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Living constellation work is a dynamic practice that connects with the knowing field to diagnose and reveal deep and unresolved systemic traumas in the family lineage. In a respectful setting and honoring of the soul’s journey and its order in the universe, this practice unfolds dimensionally and spatially to reveal those places that hold the tensions of unresolved entanglement. This journey can be very moving, cathartic, and even fun, as discoveries are made and insights evolve based on observing the family dynamics in a safe manner. In this way, the flow of love and acceptance now has the capacity to restore these spaces, potentially creating understanding, healing, and peace for the seeker.

what is Ancestral Constellation?

Ancestral Constellation as described on Grandmother Sarah’s website:

A moment from our previous constellation retreat

We will gather around the field and set the intention to hold space for the energetic field. Upon culmination of a ceremony, those who wish to seek (a Seeker) will be called forth one at a time to ask a question into the field. Guided by Grandmother Sarah the Seeker will choose from the group of retreat members (Representatives) who shall represent different members of their family and whatever else is called into the field.

As a representative, you will then embody the soul of the person, place or thing you are representing. This way the seeker can receive a clear unbiased answer to their question.

As a seeker, your only job during your constellation ceremony is to watch and experience the field do it’s work.

Those who choose to Seek will be asked to participate as Representatives during other retreat members’ ceremonies.

We will do approximately 10 constellations over the course of 3 days.

There isn’t a true way to predict how the work will play out but it always goes exactly where it is called. 

how it works:

Grandmother Sarah sitting with a seeker during their constellation

For a deeper understanding, you can watch this call with Paul and Grandmother Sarah that was recorded prior to their first retreat together in October of 2019

Should you choose to be a Seeker or Representative?

Representatives will play an important role over the weekend and are just as valuable, if not more valuable, then the seekers. Choosing to be a representative over the weekend is great for first-time constellation goers, people who just want to experience the healing but don’t have a question to ask, or those who are just curious.

Seekers get to ask a question and have it played out in front of their own eyes. Seekers will also be asked to participate as Representatives when they are not seeking.

We have a limited number of Seeker Spots available so if you feel called to that role please book your spot before they sell out.

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About Grandmother Sarah

Sarah Maclean Bicknell is a healer, teacher, and mentor. She has studied healing and ceremonial work in North American indigenous traditions for 30 years. She has incorporated her Celtic roots into her present North American practice and is sought out for her intuitive readings, workshops, ceremony, and her soul doctoring practice. She stands in deep gratitude to her elders and teachers that have gone before and stands firmly in her own vision, a vision that is related and crafted for these times of the 21st century. Her work is about connection, community, ceremony and respect. Also raised in the Western world, she has lived the loss of disconnection and is profoundly thankful to her indigenous elders who taught her how to re-arrive more fully into her life.

In 1991, Sarah was adopted by ceremony, into the Ghost Horse, Hunka Waye, Lakota Nation. She stands in deep honor to her elder council/mentors and ceremonial collaborators which over the years have been Adalberto Rivera (Maya), Wallace Black Elk, Buck Ghosthorse (Lakota), Paul Ghosthorse, Rod Mcafee, Vicky Ghosthorse (Sungleska), Grandmother Red Leaf (Cherokee), Donna Carlita, Hernando Salazar (Inca, Peru), Silvia Calisaya Chuquimia (Aymarra, Lake Titicaca), Youseff Bashir (Berber, N. Africa), Betsy Bergstrom (NW coastal, Norse, Scottish), Francesca Boring (Shoshone, N Native European), Harold Blood, Carolyn Hillier, K.Trevelyan (N Native European), Stephan Hausner (Germany), and to the many around the world that she has sat, dreamt and stood in ceremony with.
Sarah’s effectiveness as a teacher and mentor is seated in her ability to move quickly with a core style of kindness, pragmatism, humor, and discipline. In workshops or in a private sessions, she is adept at astute listening, enabling her to tease out and distill core issues in both individuals and groups. She synthesizes information quickly to determine what is really needed to shift entire belief systems and break up the gridlocks that keep people and organizations from arriving at their best work.

About Paul Fishman

Paul Fishman is a self-love, relationship, and communication coach focused on cultivating a deep sense of belonging in each of us. Throughout his journey to purpose-driven fulfillment, he has created a top 100 podcast, life-changing coaching programs, and hosted retreats centered around healing.

This will be the second Constellation retreat that Paul is hosting on his family property in San Diego and the 8th constellation ceremony he has been a part of.

About The Land

This healing sanctuary sits in a private valley in rural Valley Center, CA on Luiseño land. The Childhood home of Paul Fishman, this space has hosted sacred ceremonies ranging from Paul's wedding celebration to meditation retreats.

Host to over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables this land has been cultivated by the Fishman Family for over two decades. Enjoy hiking trails, a meditation labyrinth and a plethora of native agriculture and wild life.

The star of the property is a sacred healing portal where you can go to connect directly with the divine.

On Site Accommodations 

If you require accommodations for the weekend look no further than our onsite Dreamer and Messenger suites. Both rooms have private bathrooms and can sleep up to two people comfortably.

Once you book your spot for the retreat you will have the opportunity to reserve one of the additional rooms. If the option for the rooms does not populate that means they are sold out.


For those who are interested in sleeping under the stars, you have the opportunity to do just that!

We have had a lot of success renting gear from companies like Arrive Outdoors and will happily pick up your rental gear and have it ready for you to set up on your arrival.

Once you register you will receive detailed information about where to send your gear.


We are so excited to welcome you to the retreat!

Once you book your spot there will be an opportunity to reserve a camping space for $150 or book one of two rooms inside the main property. Each room has a bed that sleeps two with on-suite private bathrooms. The weekend rate for each room is $500. If the room options do not populate after you reserve your spot that means they are sold out.

If you are camping you will have access to a shared shower and bathroom in the home.

The Lunch Only option is suitable for locals who are not staying on the property or those who do not require meals other than lunch and light snacks on Saturday and Sunday.

We also offer financing for as low as $67 a month. Please email with Retreat Financing in the subject and what you would like to book in the body of the email and we will create a custom checkout link for you.


What if I can’t come for the entire retreat?

We ask that those who commit to the retreat be participants for the entirety of the weekend. If there are extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to be there for all of it please email to see if we can accommodate you joining us.

What type of question should I ask as a seeker?

The question you ask can be something as simple as “what do I need in my life to stop feeling stuck” to as detailed as “I would like to clear the generational trauma that tends to repeat itself in my family,” There is no wrong question and Grandmother Sarah will be there to guide you along the way.

Where should I stay if I don’t want to camp?

There are two double-occupancy rooms available on the property one with a queen bed and one with a full bed. Both have private on-suite bathrooms.

There are a collection of Airbnbs that you may book. If you’d like to explore those properties before booking your spot please search Valley Center or Escondido on Airbnb or your preferred hotel search website.

Will I need a car for the weekend?

It is recommended that you have a car for the weekend so you can drive to and from the airport with ease. Most hotels and Airbnbs although local may be 20-30 minutes from the property as it is a rural part of San Diego.

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