The Worthiness Workshop is the digital event of the season!

Have you ever felt like you aren’t deserving of the things you truly want? Does it feel like everyone around you is reaching their goals and making strides towards their best life but you feel stuck? At the core of it all do you struggle knowing you are worthy of what you want and asking for it?

Join me and Team Self Love for this live event that is going to change your life! Not only am I going to take you through a 4 part path to developing your worth, but you will have the opportunity to join my beautiful Self Love onDemand community where you will have the ultimate support you deserve surrounded by people just like you!

When you purchase the Worthiness workshop you will walk away feeling as though you have bloomed with light and love. You will have access to a private group to not only learn the skills of ongoing worthiness, but follow-up with the members of the group for support and community around your journey. The private group will be a support for you to not only lean in when fear creeps in, but to support others when you are shining.

You will have lifetime access to the workshop and the workbook so that you can use it as many times as you need.

As a member of Self Love on Demand, you will also have first access to future events and programs!


  • You will understand the root cause of shame and surrender your old stories
  • You will create an action plan to nurture and expand your worth with love and light
  • You will understand how to create new thoughts of energetic abundance and let go of the fear of scarcity and negativity
  • You will receive lifetime access to the workshop and workbook files
  • You will receive lifetime access to Paul’s digital community Self Love onDemand