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How to Confidently Step into your Power with Vivian Kaye

Hello there, friends!

Our guest this week is the vivacious Vivian Kaye. The first thing you need to know about Vivian resides in her name itself. The word viv comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “life; alive; lively”. If you still don’t quite understand, let me use Vivian’s own words – she is one of the dopest women you will probably ever meet – she is Big Viv Energy. And if you don’t believe me, take a moment to scroll through her Instagram – she radiates life and self love.

Vivian is the Founder and CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki, a source of premium textured hair extensions for black women. She is also a Business Encouragement Coach as well as a Shopify expert. All of this from a college dropout!

Some fun facts before you dive into this episode:

Women are 75% less likely than men to apply for jobs that they feel they aren’t qualified for.

To further break this statistic down, did you know that women most likely will only apply for jobs that they feel they are 100% qualified for? Compare that to men – they will apply when they feel they meet 60% of the qualifications. This is not to bash our friends who are men – we’re just showing the difference here.

Vivian works hard to help people who want to bridge that gap – and she’s damn good at what she does.


(8:12) Who is Chad?  

(12:08) What would Vivian say to someone who is getting in their own way?

(14:45) What if you don’t know what you want to do with your life?

(19:48) What are some habits of a successful person?

(30:46) Maybe you’ve heard of appropriation, but do you know what it means? And how can you be mindful of it moving forward?


Connect with Vivian on Instagram: @itsviviankaye    

Check out Vivian’s YouTube Channel Here

Check out KinkyCurlyYaki Here

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