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Get Your Gut in Check with Lauren Mones

Oh hey there, Self Lover! Meet Lauren Mones, my friend and the brains behind The Fermenting Fairy!Lauren had to take a crash course in gut health when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2014. She refused to accept that she would have to sit back and be medicated for the rest of her life, […]

Road to Self-Love

There’s No Wrong Way to Self Care with Sarah Pendrick

Happy Tuesday, Self Lover! Today I am sharing my conversation with my very accomplished friend, Sarah Pendrick! Sarah is a light, an author, and the creator of the incredible online community for women, Girl Talk Network. Sarah has wonderful nuggets to share about everything from self care, familial bullying, and how to cope with someone […]

Road to Self-Love

What Does it REALLY Mean to be Healthy? With Chrissy Ajisafe

If you follow me on the ‘gram, you know that for the past week, I’ve been traveling and filming for my new reality series (my heart!!), but I took a break to bring you this fresh episode of The Road to Self Love Podcast, where I take a deep dive with my friend, Chrissy Ajisafe. […]

Road to Self-Love


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