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Self Love in Seven – The Blame Game

SELF LOVERSSSS! Do I have an episode for you today! Oooooh ooooh oooooh I do have an episode for youuuuuu! Hahaha Today we are chatting about The BLAME GAME honey! Oh yes! Now, before we hop in I want to connect about a couple of things. First things first, THE CARPOOL IS COMING! Wait, what? […]

The blame game - self love in seven

Self Love in Seven

Self Love in Seven – People Pleasing is so 2019

Ok, so what even is people pleasing? The Merriam-Webster definition of People Pleasing is: a person who has an emotional need to please others often at the expense of his or her own needs or desires. Hands up if that sounds like you. I mean, I know that I can fully say that I used […]

People Pleasing is so 2019

Self Love in Seven

Self Love in Seven – Musterbation is an Epidemic

Musterbation is an epidemic Oh heyyyyyy Self Lovers! You know what time it is? Oooooh weeee! Am I excited for todays chat. I know, you probably clicked on this thinking to yourself well, Paul is taking the concept of Self Love quite literal today. Cue my Dad making the same joke to all of his […]

Musterbation Self Love in Seven

Self Love in Seven

Self Love in Seven – Self Love vs Self Care

Oh hey Self Lovers! Guess what time it is? How do we like that little song I created all by myself, haha! So here’s the deal. If you’re new to this show you are currently listening to Self Love in Seven, my 7 minute or less journey into quick Self Love tips, tricks and ideas […]

self love vs. self care

Self Love in Seven

Self Love in Seven – New Year, Better You!

Oh hey Self Lovers! Welcome to the brand new segment here on the Road called Self Love in Seven! A bi weekly moment that will be coming at you every other Thursday. These cute little Self Love tidbits will be delivered by me, Paul Fishman, Self Love extraordinaire and you do you activist. The kicker? […]

Self Love in Seven


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