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What Does it REALLY Mean to be Healthy? With Chrissy Ajisafe

If you follow me on the ‘gram, you know that for the past week, I’ve been traveling and filming for my new reality series (my heart!!), but I took a break to bring you this fresh episode of The Road to Self Love Podcast, where I take a deep dive with my friend, Chrissy Ajisafe. […]

Road to Self-Love

How to Take Responsibility for Your Own Healing with Anthony / The Sugar Treatment

Hello there, Self Lover! Today we have the very sweet insights from Anthony, my new bestie who runs all the things that are The Sugar Treatment. Like so many during quarantine, Anthony found comfort and purpose in baking. However, since he is also a social worker, he found a way to combine baking AND messages […]

Road to Self-Love

The Value of Listening to Understand vs Listening to Respond with Sharon McMahon

Well hello, Self Lover! How YOU doin’? This week we have a very special guest who is just in time to calm all of our nerves about all of the newsworthy things happening in our world. Let’s all take a collective deep breath and welcome Sharon McMahon! You may know her from her very informative […]

Road to Self-Love

Allow your Talents to Unlock your Healing with Isabelle

Hello there, Self Lovers! For this post-Valentine’s Day episode, I wanted to share my conversation with the remarkably talented Isabelle (no last name, just like Beyonce). This lovely Georgia Peach is an American Idol alum, and has managed to take her talents and use them to heal herself and others. But what did it take […]

Road to Self-Love

How to Confidently Step into your Power with Vivian Kaye

Hello there, friends! Our guest this week is the vivacious Vivian Kaye. The first thing you need to know about Vivian resides in her name itself. The word viv comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “life; alive; lively”. If you still don’t quite understand, let me use Vivian’s own words – she is […]

Road to Self-Love, Uncategorized

Why Progress is the Opposite of Depression with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick | Ep 100

To celebrate the one hundredth episode of the podcast, I jumped in the car with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. Lauryn is not only authentic af and incredibly inspiring, but is also responsible for: -Creating and being the HBIC of the massively successful blog, The Skinny Confidential -Co-Host of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast – […]

Road to Self-Love

Episode #54: How to Speak your Dreams to Life with Mindi Huebner

Self Lovers! Life on Purpose coach, Mindi Huebner joins me on The Road to Self Love today! In this episode, we talk about one of my favorite topics – the energetics of words! She explains the importance of the way we speak and how this is key to manifest the life of our dreams. Mindi […]

Life on purpose coach Mindi Huebner

Road to Self-Love

Episode #48: Stretching in Public with Vinny Bonanno

This week Vinny Bonanno, founder of the Stretching in Public movement, Yoga teacher, and Holistic Health Coach rides with me on the road to self love.Join us as Vinny shares his experience cross touring the US and spreading the love of movement and self-care.In this episode, we talk about stretching as a way to listen […]

Stretching in Public with Vinny Bonanno

Road to Self-Love

Self Love in Seven – Self Love vs Self Care

Oh hey Self Lovers! Guess what time it is? How do we like that little song I created all by myself, haha! So here’s the deal. If you’re new to this show you are currently listening to Self Love in Seven, my 7 minute or less journey into quick Self Love tips, tricks and ideas […]

self love vs. self care

Self Love in Seven


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