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Episode #63: Parenting Without Judgement with Adi + Sophie Jaffe

Today I’m sharing the road with power couple Adi and Sophie Jaffe! In today’s episode, we dive deep into parenting, what it’s like raising conscious kids, and keeping them in line with their self-love. The Jaffes Sophie Jaffe is a wellness expert and certified raw food chef and yoga teacher. She founded her company, Philosophie […]


Road to Self-Love

Exploring Self Love and Racism with Paul Fishman

Dear self lovers! Today I want to have a vulnerable and open-heart conversation with you. In this episode, I share my personal opinion about politics, racism, and explain how the lack of self-love is closely related to this issue. As a white privileged man, I know I’ve been looking away for a very long time […]

Exploring Self Love and Racism

Road to Self-Love

Episode #59: Online Dating For The Self Lover with Amy Mae

Online dating expert, Amy Mae joins me today to talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know when searching for your soulmate online! Amy struggled with online dating for a few years until she decided to make it fun and found the love of her life. She now helps other people in […]


Road to Self-Love

Self Love in Seven – The Blame Game

SELF LOVERSSSS! Do I have an episode for you today! Oooooh ooooh oooooh I do have an episode for youuuuuu! Hahaha Today we are chatting about The BLAME GAME honey! Oh yes! Now, before we hop in I want to connect about a couple of things. First things first, THE CARPOOL IS COMING! Wait, what? […]

The blame game - self love in seven

Self Love in Seven

Episode #52: Making Spirituality Sassy and Accessible with Sah D’Simone

Welcome back to the Road to Self Love! Today I’m joined by spiritual guide and meditation teacher Sah D’Simone. This is a very enlightening and fun conversation about joy, uncovering your truths and forgiveness. This transformational speaker and coach tells all about his transformational journey, how he was able to let go of the pain […]

Making Spirituality Sassy and Accessible Sah D'Simone

Road to Self-Love

Episode #51: Eat What You Want and Stop Worrying About It with Whitney Catalano

Whitney Catalano joins me on the road to self-love today. She is a Food Freedom Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and body image coach, and she is also convinced that our bodies aren’t the problem, diet is! This episode is all about learning to love your body, mindful eating and getting rid of your inner bully. Where […]

Whitney Catalano Trust Your Body Project

Road to Self-Love

Self Love in Seven – Self Love vs Self Care

Oh hey Self Lovers! Guess what time it is? How do we like that little song I created all by myself, haha! So here’s the deal. If you’re new to this show you are currently listening to Self Love in Seven, my 7 minute or less journey into quick Self Love tips, tricks and ideas […]

self love vs. self care

Self Love in Seven

Episode #46: Trans is Beautiful with Ben Wallace

What an awesome show! Ben Wallace aka Gentle Ben is joining us on the road today!In this episode, we have a rather deep and intimate conversation about self-acceptance and his self-love journey.Ben recalls feeling different since he was little. He knew his experience with gender dysphoria was neither celebrated nor safe, which led to many […]

Road to Self-Love

Episode #42: Stripping Down for Self Love with Kayla Logan

This week on the road I’m joined by self-love advocate and body positivity warrior. In this episode, Kayla shares her self-acceptance journey and how she’s built an empowered community by posing at iconic places in her underwear and showing how one can feel most powerful at one’s most vulnerable moments. We talk about how to […]

Road to Self-Love


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