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Self Love Sunday Q&A: Mo Trezise


Ok, friends, get ready to experience some beauty (literally and figuratively) in this week’s Self Love Sunday Q&A. Now, if you haven’t heard the rumblings on the San Diego Skincare streets about Mo Trezise… well, I mean, you must get on the ground and start listening fam! I’ve only had my face touched by Mo once, and I have to admit that I fell asleep while her magical hands massaged organic botanicals on my skin, but as soon as I see her again you KNOW that I will be ready for that glow (and will do my best to stay awake too)! Below you will find her answers to my (famous) five questions. Oh, and if you’re ready to have the glowingest (it’s a word now, duh) skin ever. Book yourself into Mo’s schedule at

Q: Introduce yourself… don’t get all shy on us either!

A: HI! My name is Mo. I am a holistic esthetician, massage therapist, holistic health practitioner, and herbalist. I’m a scorpio, yogi, foodie, astrology nerd, bookworm, crystal lover tree hugging hippie.

Q: Three things you cannot live without

A: organic herbal skincare, the ocean and gluten free brownies

Q: Outside of being a Skincare Goddess, what makes you tick?

A: Creating! I love art and its many forms, I am a creative soul and enjoy channeling my creative energy into everything that I do. I believe everything can be turned into an art form! Whether its mixing up organic skincare formulations, painting, culinary arts, or writing.

Q: Define Self Love and what it means to you

A: Self love to me, is a never ending journey, one only you can embark on by yourself. Self love is the truest love of all; it is unconditional, limitless, infinite, abundant, raw, genuine, and pure.

I believe we are beings of light who come from an energy vortex of pure love. My self love awakening happened when I simply dropped all the programing I had learned in this lifetime of not being “enough” and realized (not only am I enough) but I AM love.

Q: Favorite Quote of the moment?  

A: “Sorrows and wounds are healed only when met with compassion” -Buddha


I mean, I feel like my soul was just touched by that interview. What do you think? Let me know in the comments! Also, as always if there is anyone you want me to interview for Self Love Sunday Q&A just let me know!

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