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Self Love Sunday Q&A: Daina Trout of Health-Ade Kombucha

I have a question for you. Have you ever had an acquaintance who is just killing the game? One that you tell everyone about… but refer to them as your “really really good friend…” like almost bff? Same.

True story, every time I buy a bottle of Health-Ade Kombucha I tell anyone who will listen that I used to have dinner at Daina’s house back in college. Come onnnnnn, you would too if you had the pleasure of knowing this amazing woman! Daina, if you’re reading this… the secret is out and I’m officially that guy. Hope we can still be bffs, I mean, friends… I mean see each other every 10 years. 😉

Ok, you probably want to meet her, huh? Let’s get into this week’s Self Love Sunday Q&A with Daina Trout the CEO and Co-Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha!


Daina Trout CEO and Co-Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha

Q: Introduce yourself… don’t get all shy on us either!

A: I am Daina Trout—CEO and co-founder of Health-Ade Kombucha, the fastest growing brand in a VERY fast growing beverage category. I started the company with my best friend and husband about 6 years ago with a small credit card and a big dream. The dream was to make the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy, and we started out brewing in our tiny apartment closet and selling in farmers’ markets. Whatever we lacked in experience we made up with three times the grit, and fast forward to today we are over 200 employees strong, in 12,000 accounts nationwide and will sell over 3M cases this year. Even though that’s what I do for MOST of my waking hours—Health-Ade is NOT my WHOLE identity! I am also a mother, a wife, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, AND a sister—and I LOVE spending time with my friends and family, traveling on adventures or cooking elaborate meals together. I love to dance and move my body as much as possible. If I were to describe myself in 3 words I would say: positive, tenacious, and strategic.

Q: Three things you cannot live without

A: I can’t live without my phone. It’s my camera, my calendar, and my connection to my business and family. It allows me to take my work on the go and still “do it all.”

My Thrive Mascara. With it I (feel like I) can take over the world one long lash at a time ????

My beverages. I need my coffee in the AM, my kombucha at 3pm, and my wine AT LEAST on the weekends. Without these items I become a very dull girl.

Q: Outside of being a kombucha queen, what makes you tick?

A: I love connecting with people—not in a networking type of way, but in a more meaningful way. I love learning about people’s vulnerabilities and true emotions, and WHY they are the way they are. I have a knack of getting deep right in the first encounter, and I’m not afraid of trusting people with the information. I feel like deep down I really like to help people be happier versions of themselves in any way I can—I think that’s why I go deep right away. I can’t make an impact unless they let me in. I “tick” when I can get others to see how fucking awesome they are if they just let their true colors show and go after it.

Q: Define Self Love and what it means to you

A: This is such an important topic. Starting a business ESPECIALLY with your husband means it literally takes over your whole life. In the beginning, its success is almost entirely a result of the work YOU put in—so it’s hard to feed anything else. What I learned in some very hard lessons is that feeding only the business is not a sustainable life. You actually do your business a disservice if you do this too long, not to mention yourself and your family. When I was giving it all to Health-Ade for too long, I became jaded, unhealthy, cloudy, and cranky. My work and my marriage suffered. Self love is realizing that you HAVE to be healthy and strong FIRST before you can give to anything else. It’s possible to be “unbalanced” for a short time and get it all done, but I learned it cannot last. For me, self love is getting myself massages every 2 weeks, spending every other Wednesday with Hendriks for a mommy-kid day, working out 5 times a week, and overall just not being too hard on myself or restrictive. Right now, I am creating something REALLY BIG and it takes a lot of energy—I am trying to be compassionate with myself along this journey. It can’t ALSO be the chapter where I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life or the time when I have 1,000 friends, you know? I can do anything but not everything. And self love is all about managing my expectations and striving for a realistic balance.

Q: Favorite Quote of the moment?

A: I don’t know the author, but 2 of my favorite quotes are: 1) Being Awesome is WILDLY inconvenient. AND 2) The sky was meant to hold all the weather.

Ok, after reading this again I’ve decided that I’m still going to tell everyone that Daina is my bff because WHAT A SELF AWARE AND POWERFUL woman! So Daina, just in case you want to tell everyone that your bff is a pioneer of love and light in San Diego… well, that wouldn’t really be far from the truth and it would help me out when talking to the Whole Foods clerk bagging my groceries.

If you haven’t tried Health-Ade Kombucha yet my favorite flavors are the Pink Lady Apple and Pomegranate! You can find Health-Ade at most grocery stores!

Photo of Daina Trout

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