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Self Love Sunday Q&A: Ali Bonar of @avokween

I don’t know about you but I really look forward to Sundays. Not only do I use Sundays to really relax and practice self love and care but I get to release another Q&A! The even cooler part is that a lot of the people that I interview are some of the people that I look up to in the influencer space. Ali Bonar of @avokween is no exception to this. I discovered Ali’s page a while back and really love her raw approach to creating community. Not only that but she once told me via DM that I was her spirit animal… so there’s that.

Ali founded Kween Foods and their first product, Granola Butter, is literally the dreamy-ist drizzle-iest stuff I’ve tasted in a while. Let’s jump into the interview.

Ali Bonar or @avokween

Q: Introduce yourself… don’t get all shy on us either!

A: Hi kweens! My name is Ali and I’m a die-hard foodie living in San Francisco. I started @avokween about a year ago as a place to document my journey to self love. Most recently, I launched my own company, Kween Foods, with the mission to inspire and connect women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Q: Three things you cannot live without

A: My family, my friends and quality alone time each day.

Q: Outside of being a self love advocate, what makes you tick?

A: I live for the moments when I feel absolutely electric. I also try to remind myself that we’re just little specks on this huge rock hurdling through space, and not to take myself too seriously.

Q: Define Self Love and what it means to you

A: Self love is choosing to engage in activities, behaviors and thoughts that serve you and feed your soul. Ain’t nobody got the damn time for negative self talk.

Q: Favorite Quote of the moment?

A: “You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself.” -Unknown

Do you follow Ali? If not, make your way over to the ‘gram and get after it! Oh and definitely pick up a jar or seven of her Granola Butter… you’ll thank me later!

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