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Oh hey self lovers! Welcome back to another episode of:

Self Love in Seven Minutes or less

In today’s episode we are going to chat about the JOMO of FOPO. Excuse me? What did I just say? The JOMO of FOPO. The Joy of Missing Out of the Fear Of Other People’s Opinions. Boom. Nailed it.

Before we hop in I want to remind you that this is a bizarre time we are in. Hi Paul, we do not need a reminder, and it’s important to star if you have not already, listening to your body. Last week I took the week off from social media and it felt so frickin good. I’m actually reading books, not just IG captions and I’m feeling quite at home in my body. At peace if you will. So with that said, this is your gentle nudge to close your eyes, take a deeeeeeep breathe and connect with that beaut of a body of yours.

Ok, let’s hop into this weeks episode of Self Love in Seven, minutes or less.


Ok, ok, ok, ok, so we’ve all heard of FOMO right? The Fear of Missing Out and by now we’ve also probably heard of JOMO the JOY of Missing Out but have you heard of FOPO? The term FOPO was coined by Dr. Michael Gervais and it stands for the Fear of Other People’s Opinions. Let’s talk about why it’s important to recognize your FOPO and why JOMO is where you want to be with your FOPO. 

I can bet that the reason most of us don’t take action on the things we want most in life is due to FOPO. We’re scared of what others will think and say or how they will react. We push pause on our dreams because we’re worried what our parents will think or that the strangers on instagram will unfollow us. Now, the real question is… are you ok with that? Are you ok not following your dreams because you’re scared of what someone might think or say about you?

I am being serious here. Why waste your time worrying about other people’s opinions when you can instead be out there living your life for who? YOU!

Something I like to ask my coaching clients is: If you were on your deathbed would you regret doing the thing that you really wanted to do OR would you regret not doing them? Like which path leads to a life of vibrance, fun and magic? Clearly not the one where you sit scared in a corner because your friends might laugh at you.

If you closed your eyes right now and saw the life you envisioned for yourself without any limitations or FOPO what would it look like? Would it bring a smile to your face after you dismissed the fear that your ego is projecting onto it? Would it bring you JOY?!?

Bwa bwa bwa bwaaaaaaa Ladies and Gentlemen we have the JOMO of FOPO! The crowd goes wild waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa

Can you tell that these episodes bring me joy? 

The reality is that you have two choices in life. You can live in fear or you can live in joy. Let’s choose joy, Self Lovers. It’s really the ONLY WAY!

So you’re probably wondering. How the heck do I choose JOY when all I’ve ever known is FEAR orrrr what’s actually happening right now… how the heck do I choose JOY when I just realized right now that I’ve been living in FEAR. Because, my sweet, sweet friend, more often than not we don’t even acknowledge that we are living in fear. We don’t even acknowledge that we are casually on the struggle bus, we don’t even acknowledge that we are sacrificing our happiness, dreams, magic and joy for others. I mean, let’s be real here. Fear is deeply ingrained in our lives. 

We were parented to believe that if we don’t make our caregivers happy that there will be consequences, we were told that if we don’t get good grades there will be consequences, we were told that if we don’t get a good job there will be consequences, we were told that if we don’t align with the life that is expected of us that there. Will. be. Consequences.

What the heck! Consequences? Fear? It’s all so annoying.

I’ll tell you what? And this is where I’ll end it. I want you to take a minute after this episode is over and answer this question. What would I do for fun right now if I could do anything? Oh and just a casual, NOPE WRONG ANSWER, if you say to yourself “I Don’t know” because let’s be real here… you DO know, you’re just, what? Living in FOPO.

Mic drop

Love you

See you next week for another episode of the road to self love!

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