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Self Love in Seven – The Blame Game

SELF LOVERSSSS! Do I have an episode for you today! Oooooh ooooh oooooh I do have an episode for youuuuuu! Hahaha

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Alright, let’s hop into this week’s episode of…

Self Love in Seven – The Blame Game

Have you ever been so angry at someone because of something they did and how it affected you? You know, like when your best friend Becky told your crush Josh that you were super into him and he started ignoring you because he couldn’t handle the pressure… AND THEN STARTED DATING BECKY?!?!? I KNOW, the nerve BECKY! Listen, I’d be pissed at becky too, like reallllll pissed. Now, before you start tearing through your middle school yearbook to cross out your bestie’s face in all your photos together, I mean, there are a bunch since you were both co-chairs of the yearbook club let’s have a conversation about BLAME.


Ok, so let’s take a deep, deep breath here. It’s important to recognize something about this situation. I’m curious, how can we reframe this scenario and make it less heated and angry and blame-y. Yes, that’s a word and yes I’ll use it in a sentence. Blamey, the feeling of not taking responsibility. Becky, I’m sorry for being so blamey, I’m just having a really hard time taking responsibility for what I can do differently in this situation… and I’m just so mad that Josh likes you!

Listen, when I go for it, I really go for it.

Ok, so that sentence actually is taking us to the next level of how to stop playing the blame game and how to make magic happen! You ready? Wait. Justin? Is that you?

Bwah, bwah, bwah,

I’m taking ownership back

Trying to understand how to cut slack

These people pointing finger to attack

Instead of taking action as a matter fact

Take it to chorus

Come on now

Turn your fingers

Come on now

Back at you

Come on know

It’s the only

Come on know

Way to do… it

And if you are thoroughly confused that was my attempt at rewriting Justin Timberlake’s hit single Sexyback. Music video not coming soon, but really, don’t get all blamey. Maybe I’ll do it for Carpool members! You never know…

ANYWAYYYYY, here’s how you truly deal with blame and heal through it. Ask yourself this question. What can I do differently going forward? What can I do differently in situations like this to take ownership and responsibility of my own personal feelings?

Let’s take the whole Becky stole your man, who wasn’t really even yours to begin with, moment. Instead of crying in a corner about Becky outting your unrequited love to Josh, what would it have felt like to go to Josh yourself and tell him that you had just, a, a little crush, uh…. Wow, really dating myself with all these late 90’s early 2000’s music references. I mean, seriously though, what would have happened if you went to him and owned it instead of triangulating that conversation? OOOOOOH I mean, now you’re getting all blamey on me, huh? HOW DARE YOU PUSH ME TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF MY OWN LIFE! HOW FRICKIN DARE HE?!?

I mean, jokes on you, because oops you did it again, you blamed some else for your lack of action oh baby baby…

I CAN’T WITH ME right now.

Ok, friends, does this make sense? Sound off on Instagram with a screenshot of this episode and don’t forget to tag me @paulfishman! Oh and get ready to have a lot more conversations around Self Love in Seven and more inside the carpool which is launching Tuesday March 17th.

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That means I love you in millennial FYI (pssst, FOR YOUR INFORMATION)

I’ll see you next week for another episode of The Road to Self Love and in a couple weeks for a brand new Self Love in Seven! byeeeeee

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The blame game - self love in seven

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