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Self Love in Seven – New Year, Better You!

Oh hey Self Lovers! Welcome to the brand new segment here on the Road called Self Love in Seven! A bi weekly moment that will be coming at you every other Thursday. These cute little Self Love tidbits will be delivered by me, Paul Fishman, Self Love extraordinaire and you do you activist. The kicker? These episodes will be 7 minutes or less so that you can literally boost your self love at anytime, because who doesn’t have 7 minutes? Reframe: you get seven minutes to listen to these episodes.

Oh and just a casual FYI the timer starts after the intro so if you’re seeing that this episode looks longer than 7 minutes that’s why! I don’t want to sacrifice our 7 minutes because of an intro. WHICH BRINGS ME TO… the post intro pre self love in seven announcements.

THIS MONDAY my FREE Celebrate Self Love challenge is kicking off! I KNOW, I cannot believe it is 2020 let alone that the challenge is finally here! It’s happening on Facebook and you get to join just by heading to– it’s also the link in my Instagram bio @paulfishman if that’s easier to remember!

In this challenge I am going to teach you why self love is the most important part of any transformation, the one thing EVERYONE is doing wrong when practicing Self Love… even me sometimes AND you’ll be joined by 100s of other Self Lovers from around the world in this community.

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Wow, Paul, that’s amazing! What else will they get? Well, Paul, I’m so happy you asked!

Not only will you get a front row seat into your life as you develop the skills required for Self Love but you’ll also be the first to receive access to your, I mean, our brand new 7 week Self Love program named… SELF LOVE in SEVEN! The crowd goes wild! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Paul, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Paul, thank you, the people get it and they are excited.

Well, you heard that folks, head over to to get registered today!

And now, get your timers ready because Self Love in Seven Episode One is about to begin

Self Love in Seven, minutes or less

New Year, Better You

Have you thought about that phrase people always say around the new year? You know the one, New Year, New You. Yeah, have you ever thought about how interesting it is to want to just ditch the old you and get a new one… or more importantly how damaging that can be to your self love journey?

I went ahead an googled the word New and this is what popped up: not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.

Now, I could put this gently, but since we only have 7 minutes I’m going to cut to the chase. The you that you are, is the only you that you will ever be. In fact, I can argue that the you that you are is the best version of you… the things that you might be itching to ditch so you can become a quote end quote New You are actually just habits, maybe people and things that are keeping you from your most authentic self.

So, what if I told you that every time you tell yourself that you want to be a “new you” you’re doing more harm than good? What if I told you that you have two choices.. You can either continue on the path of limiting yourself to the belief that you have to be different to be better OR you can lean into the human that you are today and become the best version of that human.

So, normally this phrase is partnered with a New Year’s Resolution and let me remind you that the research is in and nearly 60% of us set a New Year’s Resolution and a mere 6% of us actually make said resolutions happen

Ok, let’s not go into a crazy tailspin and think about all the resolutions we’ve made and failed time and time again. This is not the time for that people. Let’s instead make a conscious commitment to ourselves that instead of creating lofty, unattainable goals like going to the gym 7 days a week or finally committing to that gluten free, raw vegan diet that is all the rage on Instagram what if you just committed to being ok with where you are?

In fact, I learned a long time ago that the second you stop trying to be this perfect version of yourselves and just jump into being yourself. Period. Is the second you will experience true, unconditional, Self love and acceptance.

If this is a new concept to you imagine this: you wake up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and at that moment you think, “Wow, I could totally win the bed head of the year award..” oooooh and look at my face! There are pillow creases galore on it. If only I was Beyonce and I could wake up flawless every single day.” That’s basically what you’re telling yourself when you prescribe to the “new year, new you” culture.

If only you could be someone else, someone different. Then you would be better.

This is the classic, if then that scenario. You see, if I were to tell you that by just allowing yourself the opportunity to be ok with where you are you would ultimately be heading in the exact direction you’re meant to… would you believe me?

Let’s go back to the morning wake up scenario. What if it looked more like this”

You wake up, look at your well rested, pillow creased face and super awesome crazy hair and think, “I’m so grateful that I have a bed to sleep in, I’m so grateful that I get the opportunity to sleep at night and I’m so grateful that I have the tools to choose gratitude over a negative self talk attitude.” I MEANNNNNN. Can you already feel the difference here?

I know, I know it’s easier said than done but hey, you can always make today the day that you choose to be the best version of you. Not a new version. We like you just the way you are, you just need to focus more on celebrating yourself daily! I don’t have to tell you that the little celebrations add up to big change.

Now, if you’re wondering, HOW Paul? HOWWWWW? How can I make this magic happen?

Well, It’s as simple or as challenging as you allow it to be. If fact, my therapist once said to me, “Paul, people will suffer for as long as they are willing to suffer.” So, the question is. Are you will top stop suffering? Maybe not. And you know what, that’s ok- You’re still welcome here. You’re still accepted here. You are worthy of being here. Because, it takes a lot of courage to admit that you still want to sit with your suffering and I’m proud of you for that. Oh, and I’ll be ready to celebrate you when you’re done suffering! #sufferingfreein2020

Oh, and I don’t need to tell you that by joining my FREE challenge you’ll get a head start on just that. You’ll learn why ditching the suffering and the self sabotage, saying goodbye to negative self talk and saying YES to YOU are the number one ways to become the best version of you!

I know, you’re already heading to to sign up

Remember, if you’re hearing this message… it’s for you. Give yourself permission to stop craving a new and different version of you and just dive head first into loving yourself to the best version of the you that you already are.

As always, you are worth it, you deserve it and YOu are not alone!

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