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Self Love in Seven – It’s Time to Stop Suffering

Oh heyyyyyy Self Lover! Guess what time it is!

YUP! It’s another Self Love in Seven moment and I am so excited for this episode! Literally, cannot WAIT to support you breaking through your own suffering to live that life of your dreams! Wait, what? SUFFERING? Yup, we’re talking about the good ole’ S word! S U F F E R I N G. Before we hop in, make sure to screenshot this episode and share it on IG and tag me @paulfishman and the show @theselfloveshow and share your biggest takeaway! I can’t wait to see and celebrate with you!

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I meannnnn are you ready to stop suffering yet? If not, well, let’s get into the episode! I have a feeling I’ll shake that suffering out of you in Seven minutes… or less!

Self Love in Seven: It’s time to stop suffering

Ok, so what even is suffering anyway?

Suffering, or pain in a broad sense, may be an experience of unpleasantness and aversion associated with the perception of harm or threat of harm in an individual. The opposite of Suffering is happiness.  

Thank you wikipedia! Wow, I do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever want to suffer. No no no not a cute look. And did you hear that? The opposite of suffering is happiness? I’d let that sink in for a few minutes but we only have 7, so let’s get on with it! So, it’s time to stop suffering aka being unhappy and I have a few thoughts on the matter of suffering.

Number ONE! First things first, to stop your suffering you first have to admit that you are suffering in the first place. What does suffering look like? Well, let’s see, a pattern of self sabotage – like paying off a credit card and then racking it right back up when you only dream of living debt free. Maybe, going to the gym and then hitting up good ol’ Mickey D’s afterwards for a 40 piece mcnuggets when all you want is six pack abs. Or even setting some boundaries with your family around communication and being the first to break the boundary! Suffering can also look like not doing the work or expecting others to do it for you. For instance, maybe you decide to join The Worthiness Workshop, but then you don’t actually do it and you beat yourself up for paying for something that you don’t use! That my friends, is a pattern of suffering.

And drum roll please… when you are stuck in a pattern of suffering your mind actually thinks that you are safe in that suffering! Because it’s a pattern and you know what to expect in that pattern so you continue to relive it over and over and over because it’s, what? COMFORTABLE.


Ok, so you’re thoroughly frustrated now, right? You just had a lightbulb moment about your suffering and you don’t know what to do about it. Ok, are you ready for the solution? You might not like it… but here goes

CHOOSE TO STOP SUFFERING IN OTHER WORDS CHOOSE HAPPINESS. The moment you realize that suffering is a choice is the moment you will be set free. 

If you know the mcnuggets or the debt is ultimately making you unhappy then decide now that you are no longer going to choose those things.

Yes, it’s going to be hard, but imagine what it would feel like to finally honor yourself and deal with this nonsense once and for all?

Take it from the boy who used to be drowning in debt and mcnuggets. THE FREEDOM OF HAPPINESS IS THE MOST LIBERATING FEELING YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE.

It’s like winning the lottery, on your wedding day, while going viral on Instagram. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

So, my sweet, sweet Self Lover, if you’re listening to this and rolling your eyes at the idea of winning the lottery or getting married or going viral on instagram you’re missing the point. You might not want or experience those things in your lifetime BUT you can definitely relate to the feeling of straight up winning can’t you?

And if you can’t… well, it’s time to stop suffering. Period. Because you might not believe that you’re worthy of a happy life free of suffering but I sure do know that you are worthy of that and if you need to borrow some of my belief in you, well, the good news is I have enough to go around for all of us!

Also, a gentle reminder about other people’s suffering. It is not your own. Don’t take it on and don’t let it get in your way of breaking your own vicious cycle. People will suffer for as long as they are willing to suffer… so, start with you, lead by example and let’s all witness the ripple effect of what just one person deciding to break free from their suffering can do.

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Ooooooh Seven Minutes has never been more productive! Am I right? Let me know on IG with a screenshot and your biggest takeaway from the episode! Tag me @paulfishman and @theselfloveshow! Forever grateful for you, self lovers!

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