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Malinda | Self Love Diet Graduate

Working with Paul and the Self Love Diet was the wake up call I needed and had been looking for for too long. I had hit an all time low both physically and emotionally. When I started the program I was at the end of both a back and foot injury. I am naturally an active happy go lucky person, being injured turned me into a self destructive depressed person. I needed help getting out of the hole I had dug for myself.

Along came Paul with this amazing program!!!! He and I dug into frustrations I had with myself both before and during my injuries. Paul kept me honest, he pointed out things that I was looking over or trying to hide and even blame on other people. The exercises helped me understand what I needed to do to be happy, to be grateful everyday. I know life is not perfect, however after this program I believe in myself and truly LOVE MYSELF! I am forever grateful for Paul and the Self Love Diet

Elliot | Self Love Diet Graduate

“There are times where we humans need a bit of help. Emotionally, physically, mentally, it differs for each of us. My advice, it is not too late to ask for it, and PLEASE never believe you don’t deserve it. I can tell you that Paul Fishman and The Self Love Diet is the real deal. The Self Love Diet is a well structured program and during your journey Paul provides unique and customized insight to help you find your true self. With anything that can make a difference, it takes commitment, but who is better to commit to than yourself. I am blessed I did. Thank you Paul!”


Jenna | Self Love Diet Graduate

“I started this journey in August and I have been growing, learning and experiencing since then. I took a leap and invested in myself, for once. I immediately trusted in Paul and decided to commit to myself and my life.

In the weeks that I’ve committed to this journey, I have been slowly transforming my life. I notice myself being more aware of my thoughts. Whenever I feel like my thoughts are getting away from me, I stop and breathe. I ask myself if it’s true, does it serve me and how can I change it? I am confident that I have the power to change my thoughts. I no longer let them snowball and get out of control.   I know I suffer from anxiety and it’s always been a part of my life. I feel it when it’s present and I know the triggers. The thing I have learned, is to let go of the negative thoughts that lead me to feeling out of control. I now feel more self-aware and I accept myself as I am. Anxiety is just a part of me. I can control it, like I control hunger, sleep, etc. I have found the tools to help me with this and I am very grateful.  

Most of my adult life, I’ve felt stuck and I feel paralyzed by my fears. I feel more excited for my future now and I am more present. Reliving the past or fearing the future cause me to become paralyzed. It’s like having two straps tied to my wrists, one pulling me forward and one pulling me back. Now I find it exciting to step out of my comfort zone and just try something new.   I’ve learned to forgive myself when I get off track or need a break.

Reflecting on my journey and progress is just as important as experiencing it. It’s part of the package. I allow myself to feel my emotions and take time to grieve my losses, without feeling lazy, overly emotional or any negative things that people tend to label themselves with. I will not feel ashamed for taking my time, slowing down or having to recharge. Life happens, but it’s up to us to turn things around and keep moving forward.

I’m very grateful for the things I have learned about myself. I feel better equipped to build my own future. I feel so grateful for all that I have, all that I’ve done & learned and for the things I still have yet to discover. My life is great and I have love all around me, but more importantly…for myself. My past does not define me, it simply molded me and the beauty is I can keep shaping the creation that is me.

My greatest takeaway is learning how to harbor a positive mindset to help me grow.   Thank you for being you, sharing you and sharing your messages, tools and love with me, Paul.”



I am so grateful for Paul and this program. He really helped me reshape my love for myself and understanding of how changing out of a poverty mindset to one of abundance. What a great shift. This has helped me to see all of the abundance that I already experience in my life. When I am aware of this abundance, I do not focus on what I do not have nearly as much.