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Episode #1: You Are Not Alone with Ali Bonar

Ali Bonar is the first guest on The Road to Self Love, sharing her journey of starting an Instagram account to document her exploration of intuitive eating and learning to love herself.

“I think that’s the biggest thing with having issues with food and eating is that it’s so isolating.”

Ali Bonar

We’re talking about building an Instagram following while engaging with the followers who are there for you and with social media as a whole in a healthy way. So much of social media is idealized, and you never get the whole story, so we’re talking about finding that balance of transparency while still protecting your business.

“For me, self love is being confident in myself and my decisions and being unapologetically myself.”

Ali bonar

Ali shares how she started her company, Kween + Co and her granola butter, after a journey of an unhealthy relationship with food and examining emotional eating habits. She shares how she lept into her company with the mindset of a pitbull—that no ask was too big and no company was too big to reach out to because the worst they can say is “no.”

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