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There’s No Wrong Way to Self Care with Sarah Pendrick

Happy Tuesday, Self Lover!

Today I am sharing my conversation with my very accomplished friend, Sarah Pendrick! Sarah is a light, an author, and the creator of the incredible online community for women, Girl Talk Network.

Sarah has wonderful nuggets to share about everything from self care, familial bullying, and how to cope with someone you have a hot and cold relationship with. Later in the episode, she also shares with us what to expect from her new book (available June 1st!) called Beautifully Brave.

This episode was so informative, and I can’t wait for you to experience it!

Also, I was going to make an “It’s Gonna be May” joke here, but I’m sure you’ve seen a million at this point, so I’ll just say…if you feel called to, I highly recommend making the leap and applying for my May group program here. It’s the last opportunity for a while, and I would hate for you to miss out!


(14:14) Is Self Love the same as Self Care?

(21:42) Familial Bullying

(29:51) Girl Talk Network

(46:45) Being Beautifully Brave


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