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Episode #44: Starting a Soul Driven Business with Danika Brysha

Today I’m chatting with Danika Brysha! Danika is a wellness entrepreneur, body-positive fashion model, and founder of Model Meals, a healthy food delivery service. During our ride, Danika shares her story about how she achieved the career of her dreams and started her own business after surrendering to the universe and learning how to attract what she wanted in life.

At a young age, Danika started having problems with drug and alcohol abuse and a binge eating disorder, which led her to look for help and finally get involved with Overeaters Anonymous.

She used to suffer from bulimia and food addiction, was six figures in debt, and living in her parents’ garage. However, after overcoming these difficult situations, she became passionate about helping others.

Danika recalls everything started in 2014. At the time she was living and working in NYC as a plus-size model.

After years of trying to lose weight, she came across the Whole30 program. Such program allowed her to lose a significant amount of pounds and have more mental clarity.

Among other health benefits, she gain the energy she needed to tackle a lifetime of food and body issues.

Following, she became a Whole30 certified coach. And as a result she now enjoys helping people find peace, freedom and self-love.

Danika is loving her new reality. She is committed to helping as many people as possible by showing them how they can transform food into their most powerful medicine.

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