Seeking Truth and Transparency with Coco Kislinger of Coco Bakes

Episode #14: Seeking Truth and Transparency with Coco Kislinger

Coco Kislinger, the gluten-free, dairy-free sourdough goddess of Coco Bakes joins me on The Road to Self Love today! We’re talking all about why Coco says she’s “leading a double life”—choosing a business partner and living and working between two cities, and seeing and learning the lesson when you’re going through difficult growth and change.

Coco talks about how if she could start all over, she would probably get into food justice, and I help her realize that in many ways, she’s already doing that with the social media platforms she has.

“There’s this perception that self love has to be expensive, and it doesn’t.”

Coco Kislinger

We talk about learning how to make your own decisions around food and eating, and not let food fear get the best of you because a lot of times it makes us demonize and get in our heads about foods and ingredients in a way that’s harmful psychologically. We talk about the importance of tuning in and noticing what’s actually real within your body.

I offer Coco some tips and thoughts on staying present when you’ve got lots of projects going on, and allowing yourself to have credit for all that you’re doing in any given moment.

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