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Episode #2: Ruthless Authenticity with Angie Lee

Angie is a marketing unicorn, influencer, course coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who doesn’t let fear keep her from taking a leap into the unknown to create something new and live authentically out loud along the way. So, I had to have her on the show to talk about why she’s so passionate about helping other people do the same and how we can learn to loosen our grip around fear on this road to self love.

Angie tells us the story of how she was inspired as a young adult when she went to a Tony Robbins event and realized that she wanted to create experiences that inspire people, that help them, and that hold an energy of hope. So she created the Pays to be Brave event that helps people dive into conversations around fear and bravery—getting people out of their comfort zone and doing what they didn’t think they could do.

If you’re giving the gift of something and you have this vision for something, to not live it out is almost a disservice.

Angie Lee

We talk about how fear is a main motivator to make us do or not do so many things in our lives—she shares about confronting her own fears as a personal practice including rollercoasters, removing her breast implants, and skydiving. But we also talk about fears that can well up around creation and sharing, and how to build a healthy relationship with fear so that you can do the thing you actually want to do.

Angie gets vulnerable about one of the bravest things she’s done recently: calling of an engagement and a four-year relationship because she knew it wasn’t quite right. Sometimes it’s scary to leave something that feels comfortable, but it’s not self love if it’s not serving your highest self.

I think self love is ruthless authenticity. It’s knowing that you can just be fully you and that’s enough in this world.

Angie Lee

We’re also talking about Angie’s launch of her CBD product and how she views the growing cannabis industry and its potentially to really heal and help people.

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