Rework Your Mindset with Ava Johanna | The Road to Self Love with Paul Fishman

Episode #4: Rework Your Mindset with Ava Johanna

Ava Johanna is a mentor, yoga, meditation, and breath work teacher focused on making the world a more mindful place and hopping on the road to self love in this episode to help us work through some self-limiting beliefs.

“I recognized that there will never be a dollar amount that will equate to me feeling enough, and I need to stop searching for my value through my paycheck.”

Ava Johanna

Ava shares her journey through some rocky teenage years after her parents separated where money and a stable place to live weren’t necessarily a given, which instilled in her a mindset that she wasn’t enough. She shares how she came to the realization in her first corporate job that a nice paycheck and title don’t equate to self-worth, but then when she encountered yoga and meditation, she finally felt like she had the tools for deep transformation and healing.

“Self love is meeting yourself where you’re at—without judgment, without shame, without guilt—with just total and complete acceptance.”

Ava Johanna

We talk about the importance of finding connection and sharing your struggles and message to help each other and heal the collective, and how important it is to make wellness accessible to everyone. Then we talk about money as a spiritual tool and Ava shares some practical tips on healing your mindset and the stories you tell yourself around money.

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