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Episode #5: Mr. Self Love with Armon Anderson

Mr. Self Love himself, Armon Anderson, joins me today on The Road to Self Love. Armon is also a self love coach who teaches how self love cures self-hate, creates space for self-healing, and ends self-destruction. Armon tells the story of how he left his abusive relationship and through that became Mr. Self Love.

“There’s no better investment than the one you make in yourself.”

Armon Anderson

We talk about Armon’s book that will be published this year, Selflovology, how health and wellness is a huge part of loving yourself, and how finding community and accountability helps this journey.

Self love is your cure to your self hate, it’s the beginning of your self healing, and it’s the end of your self destruction.”

Armon Anderson

I admit to Armon that I got stuck in the compardashian trap with him on Instagram, and we talk about the importance of not trying to be someone else, especially when it comes to social media, plus how important it is to invest in yourself and the benefits of hiring a coach.

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