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Making Happiness Go Viral with Melanie Jones

Hello, Self Lovers! On today’s episode I had the pleasure of taking a drive with the CEO of serotonin, Melanie Jones. Melanie is known for her infectiously happy TikTok videos, and I had the opportunity to dive in deeper to learn about all of the other magic that she brings to the table.  

Melanie went viral on TikTok very quickly by doing nothing other than being her most authentic self. She describes what that experience was like for her and how she got past trying to top her latest content – which is no easy feat. Melanie is just as much fun in person as she is in her videos – and she really is THAT happy (even when she feels road rage coming on).

Melanie also gets real with us for a moment and shares what it felt like when she wasn’t quite ready to step into herself, and what has changed since she started doing what makes her happy.

I had so much fun getting to know Melanie and I can’t wait for you to hear about the incredible woman behind the TikToks. Enjoy! 


(14:25): Discovering your “why” for posting content, and what to do when you feel like you have to top your latest post (psst, this reminded me a LOT of when Lauryn was describing “experience stretching” on last week’s episode!)

(16:15): You absolutely CAN break out of that content pigeonhole.

(21:39): This is the official timestamp for Melanie hyping you up – please refer to this in the future when you need a boost. 

(23:26): How can you respond to someone who is leaving some negative feedback on your posts? 

(32:08): The reasons you may not be doing the thing(s) that make you happy – and what happens when you start?


Watch Melanie’s TikTok Videos Here, and also take a look at her Instagram!

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