Episode #3: Loving Your Body with Carmen Rene


Carmen Rene, body positivity advocate and lymphedema warrior is joining me today on The Road to Self Love. Encouraging everyone to use what makes you different to love yourself even more.

Carmen shares her journey with lymphedema—how for over half her life it was a source of deep insecurity and how she’s been able to come home to her body and learn to listen to it, nourish it, and love it on any given day.

Why do you feel the way you feel about your body? When I start disecting it, it’s because someone else told me I should.

Carmen Rene

We also talk about society’s bias (and even unconscious bias) against fat bodies, and how we can start to restructure our minds around the things that society has told us to believe. Plus, Carmen shares some immediate actions you can do to find love for your body right now.

We manage as a society even to rip away pleasure from people because they hate their bodies so much.

Carmen Rene

Remember, as Carmen so beautifully says in this episode, even if you have goals, loving yourself doesn’t mean waiting until you’ve reached your goal, it’s something you engage in just as you are on every single step along that road to self love.

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