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How Your Roadblocks Can Propel You Forward with Haila Macedo

Buckle up, Self Lover, today is a doozy!

Meet Haila Macedo, the Sacral Guide who teaches women to be sovereign with their bodies in order to heal their past traumas. She also breaks down fun topics such as Human Design and Shadow Integration for us, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it.
My biggest takeaway from our conversation is that it is so important to truly know yourself, and to love on every bit – especially the parts that make you feel all your big feelings. This work is so, so rewarding and and you are worthy of the effort!   


(12:52) What is Human Design? And once I find out what my design is, what does it even mean?

(36:22) What is Shadow Integration and why is it important?

(43:26) What if this podcast (or the work) is too triggering?

(51:35) How to take responsibility for your own devotion to your individuality


Connect with Haila on Instagram: @iamhailamacedo

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