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How to Take Responsibility for Your Own Healing with Anthony / The Sugar Treatment

Hello there, Self Lover!

Today we have the very sweet insights from Anthony, my new bestie who runs all the things that are The Sugar Treatment.

Like so many during quarantine, Anthony found comfort and purpose in baking. However, since he is also a social worker, he found a way to combine baking AND messages of love and healing. If that wasn’t enough, Anthony also shows ways to make all of our favorite sweet treats healthier.

Anthony shares his own personal journey with healing – and how he learned the hard way how important it is to take responsibility for yourself. In the end, you get to be the hero of your own story!

I can’t wait to hear how much you enjoyed this one!


(20:10) Anthony explains why it’s important to take radical responsibility for your OWN healing

(26:24) What if you’re scared to do the work? Also, we discuss some ways to heal if you have limited resources

(30:10) Appreciating your struggle. You heard right!

(43:29) The Sugar Treatment Origin Story


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