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How To Stop Avoiding Your True Calling with Paul Fishman

Hello there! In today’s episode, I’ll talk about what you can do to stop avoiding your true calling, find your true purpose, and do the things that light you up every single day.

At the same time I want to share some news with you!

First of all, you’ll notice I’m no longer calling myself a ‘coach’ and this is because I never really felt aligned with this word. Instead, I now choose to call myself a mentor as I want to help you navigate your journey more comprehensively and thoughtfully.

Within this change, I’m also doing some work to expand my offers and how I show up for you, so stay tuned and find out what this is all about in a couple of weeks!

Also, I would love to feature more black voices on the show, so I want to invite you to email me at – subject line ‘podcast guest’. If you’re feeling called to share your message I’d love to have you on my platform and help elevate you.

3 tactical ways to notice when you are resisting your truth

First, let’s take a deep breath and do a quick exercise. Think over the past week if there was something that really interested you for instance. Something that you couldn’t stop reading about or watching videos or listening to other people talk about.
Now ask yourself, am I denying myself this opportunity to enjoy this thing I really like?

  1. Notice your breath. There’s so much magic in your breath. What is happening to it when you read or see something that lights you up? Breathe deep and notice how it changes.
  2. Get present. How does it feel to not be living your dream right now? Be aware that in our present moment, by not doing what we are doing we are sacrificing ourselves and therefore giving disservice to our lives and the lives of others that we get to impact by being our truest most vulnerable selves.
  3. Create one action step. Get pen and paper, write down how you’re feeling right now, and make a plan on how you’ll get aligned with that purpose and calling in your life. What does that look like? What experiences does it include?

Self lovers I hope this was helpful!

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How To Stop Avoiding Your True Calling

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