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How to Connect Through Telling Your Stories with LaShawna Romano

Oh hey, Self Lover!

This week we have a virtual hang with my new best friend, LaShawna Romano. LaShawna is a mother, a blogger, an encourager, and a light who loves to remind people how worthy they are. She joins us today to share her story of how she broke out of her mold and embraced her inner rebel – and learned to love herself unconditionally.

We talk motherhood, religion, and LaShawna offers an interesting perspective on why the thing you’re being attacked for may actually be your gift. We also wrote the poem together! Check it out below:


I am vast
I am open
I am wonder
and beyond up and down

and even under
I am here
I am clear
& I am ready to show my truth

if you follow me down the road
you’ll find
that there is more to uncover
you’ll find
me in the smallest areas

the bits and pieces
that you can’t see with your eyes –
but you can feel with your heart
the bits and pieces
that keep us together
& never apart


(5:50) What led to LaShawna moving out of her parent’s house at 13? Also, she shares a beautiful story of the effects of unconditional love.

(18:46 / 43:19) LaShawna shares her current thoughts on religion after growing up in a very strict christian household.

(32:12) LaShawna’s Beautiful Approach to Motherhood


Connect with LaShawna on Instagram: @lashawna.romano
Visit LaShawna’s Blog (and maybe share YOUR story!): Unfold & Bloom

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