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How to Attract Money and Love in 2021 with Amanda Marit

Hello there, my friend!

I don’t know about you, but I find that the most inspirational people have the best back stories. On today’s episode, witness my drive with Amanda Marit – International Spirit and Business Coach. Amanda is a self-described cubicle survivor, and she literally went from having five cents in her bank account to almost $20k at the end of that same month! She is such a light and she has so many incredible stories from her own life and tips on how you can have the career/relationship/life that you have been waiting for.


(8:30) Attracting Abundance – this can be money, love…whatever it is you want to bring in to your bubble.

(15:40) Bonus Highlight! Amanda noticed an 888 on our drive – the angel numbers for financial and material abundance! We also kept seeing monarch butterflies throughout our drive…and butterflies are a delightful signal for transformation and evolution.

(20:15) Amanda’s “Why” – She also says that part of her coaching is having her clients find their “why”. Do you know yours?

(23:30) Embodying the Message

(42:52) Finding your “Full Body Yes”. I love this perspective on life decisions and I can’t wait to put it into practice!


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