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Allow your Talents to Unlock your Healing with Isabelle

Hello there, Self Lovers!

For this post-Valentine’s Day episode, I wanted to share my conversation with the remarkably talented Isabelle (no last name, just like Beyonce).

This lovely Georgia Peach is an American Idol alum, and has managed to take her talents and use them to heal herself and others. But what did it take to get her here? Is there life after American Idol? And what can we expect from Isabelle in the future?  

Note: This episode was recorded a year ago, but it felt right to share it today – not only because we recorded it on Valentine’s Day, but because the message is something I think is so relevant for right NOW.

When you’re done listening to this episode, watch Isabelle’s powerful music video that helped start her healing.   


(17:45) What was it about the “Unlabeled” music video that jump started Isabelle’s healing?

(31:15) What are some tricks you can use to tap into your intuition?

(35:32) Instagram and how not to get caught up in the “right” way to put out content

(44:45) Is there such thing as a good mistake?


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