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Episode #12: H is for Love with Bee Simonds

Bee Simonds, formulator and founder of H is for Love Skincare, is on the Road to Self Love with us today! Bee shares the beautiful story of the name “H is for Love,” why it’s important to choose “natural” skincare even if it’s at a higher price point, and where you can start if you’re new to the natural skincare game.

“The way H changed my life was realizing that taking time for myself was taking time for other people. It filled me up, it gave me something to give.”

Bee Simonds

When it comes to self love, Bee shares her experience of finding self love and a natural way of living as she entered motherhood, and how she realized that her self-care rituals were how she could give care to other people in her life by filling her cup first.

“My journey to self love is really focused on my internal dialogue—what I say to myself about myself—because I think that will positively affect every other area of my life.”

Bee Simonds

Bee challenges to examine the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves because when it comes to finding our self love, these stories are the very foundation.

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