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Get Your Gut in Check with Lauren Mones

Oh hey there, Self Lover!

Meet Lauren Mones, my friend and the brains behind The Fermenting Fairy!
Lauren had to take a crash course in gut health when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2014. She refused to accept that she would have to sit back and be medicated for the rest of her life, and she decided that she needed different approach. By altering her personal life, she healed the world around her – and by purchasing and consuming a jar of sauerkraut, she began her journey to healing her gut, and was on her way to creating The Fermenting Fairy.
But what is the gut? And why should you care about healing it?
Tune in, my dear Self Lover. Sometimes loving your insides can reflect back on your life around you!


(5:26) What part of your body is your gut, really? And why does it matter if it’s healthy?

(11:29) How can you get your gut healthy?

(28:18) How do you know when your gut is healed?

(30:14) Why are fermented foods and drinks important?


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