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Episode #9: Fueled by Creativity with Corey McComb

Following your creativity is the key to self love—at least that’s what Corey McComb has to say in this episode of The Road to Self Love. Corey is a writer and digital marketer whose work focuses on living a life fueled by creativity. In this episode, Corey talks about the importance of staying interested and staying human—especially in a world where we tend to burn ourselves out with work, get obsessed with “productivity hacks,” and just go through the motions of life.

“It’s not about being efficient, it’s about being effective, and the things that make us human is really all that we need.”

Corey McComb

Corey shares his own journey through passively moving through life and how writing brought the color and creativity back. And we talk about the importance of vulnerability (especially for men) and how men can begin vulnerable conversations around creativity with their male friends if they’re afraid of what others will think of them.

“A lot of people wait for that call to come, but you have to first be able to hear the call. For you to find that thing, that passion, you have to be in tune with yourself and the world around you.”

Corey McComb

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