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Episode #13: Follow Your Intuition with Marissa Lace

Self love and manifestation coach, Marissa Lace, is joining us today on The Road to Self Love. We’re diving deep with limiting beliefs when it comes to loving ourselves and being who we are—especially when those beliefs might be engrained in us from our parents, tapping into and owning your intuition as a powerful source of information (even when it makes things difficult), getting past the resistance to learning a lesson that your intuition is telling you, and the difference between ego and intuition.

“The best way to grow and develop your intuition is to constantly be listening, trusting, and fulfilling that inner nudge.” -Marissa Lace

We talk about why we have to be careful when it comes to buying into “health elixirs” and how the point of life is actually to enjoy yourself, not to get so preoccupied with what’s supposed to be healthy for you. So I ask Marissa to talk us through a day in her life—how she finds mindful presence in her daily routine and how she’s intentionally crafted her life to be able to give herself love first.

“I love my people, but I can’t love my people if I don’t love myself first.” -Marissa Lace

We’re also diving into the importance of communication in all types of relationships and knowing your love language (both for giving and receiving), and we use our own friendship as an example of communicating strong boundaries—and how Marissa’s strong communication style was difficult for me to understand at the beginning of our friendship.

“It’s super easy and one of the best things you can do just really never brush off someone’s feelings.” -Marissa Lace

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Follow Your Intuition with Marissa Lace

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