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Episode #59: Online Dating For The Self Lover with Amy Mae

Online dating expert, Amy Mae joins me today to talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know when searching for your soulmate online!

Amy struggled with online dating for a few years until she decided to make it fun and found the love of her life.

She now helps other people in their journey so that they can go from feeling discouraged to finding their soulmates while having a blast in the process.

How do I know if he or she wants something serious?

Amy’s experience tells us that there are a few signals you might want to look at if looking for an answer.

  • First, watch their behavior. If the person is asking or sending you inappropriate photos, they might want something other than a serious relationship.
  • Trust your gut and avoid doing things that just don’t feel right. Before meeting in person, get on a quick video call. This way you’ll get a better feeling of what the person is like.
  • If the other person shows initiative, it’s communicative when making plans, and is willing to reach out then you might be on the right path.

Top 3 Biggest Mistakes

According to Amy, there are three main things you want to avoid when navigating the online dating world:

  1. Fear of being rejected. 
  2. As a woman, thinking that men think the same way as you.
  3. Don’t post your best photo.

Amy has been in the game for years. The expert had a long list of the things she wanted in a partner. However, she soon realized the internal factors mattered more than the external ones. 

Since then, Amy was able to find her soulmate and now they happily share their lives together.

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