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Episode #58: The Science of Happiness with Max Fishman

Oh hey, self lovers!

I am so excited because today I am joined by my younger brother Max Fishman. Max is a Scientist, he got his Ph.D. in plant pathology and he now lives in Japan where he is currently working on his postdoctoral program, researching parasitic plants. 

In this episode, Max gets super vulnerable as he shares both sad and happy times of his life. He even gives a couple of tips on how you can tap into your happiness and deal with sadness.

No need to panic

This is a very impromptu interview. No practice, no script. My brother was visiting for the holidays, I had my recording gear in the car and we decided to go for it.

I start the conversation by asking my brother how he would introduce himself. As mentioned above, Max is a scientist, a plant-lover.His expertise is in parasitic plants. He gives examples of these plants, such as Striga (or witchweed) which grows in the cornfields mostly in Africa and takes over the root system and deprives plants of water and nutrients.

Then we jump into the road trip games!

He chooses a card and the question is: If you could have it your way, what would you be doing and who would you be with?

Max says he feels happy when he’s around the people he loves. 

He also shares some tips on how to tap into your happiness:

  • Focus on the positive, rather than the negative. 
  • Meditate, relax and feel comfortable with yourself. 
  • Give yourself permission to feel the sadness without sinking in it and identify what is making you sad.

Max’s advice is to notice happiness in your life, don’t push it aside and do what makes you happy.

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