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Episode #55: Crafting Away Your Anxiety with Jake Kenyon

This week we’re chatting with Jake Kenyon of Kenyarn.
This wonderful human joins me on the road as he shares creative ways to deal with depression and anxiety.

Jake is an independent yarn dyer from Providence, RI who turned his pain into purpose and profit when he discovered his passion for knitting.

He started his journey towards self-love during his last year in grad school, where he knew there were a million things to look forward to. However, he kept finding himself feeling unfulfilled and seeking happiness.

“We are all handmade‚Ķmistakes and experiences craft who we are”

Jake Kenyon

It wasn’t until he revived his handcrafting skills that he found a way to keep his mind calmed followed by the interest his products sparked in people which eventually gave birth to his business: Kenyarn.
Jake tells the show he uses this creative activity as a way to relinquish control and let go of stress.
This is a very enriching episode where we discuss a few dreaded topics such as anxiety, the comparison game, and authenticity.

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