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Episode #54: How to Speak your Dreams to Life with Mindi Huebner

Self Lovers! Life on Purpose coach, Mindi Huebner joins me on The Road to Self Love today! In this episode, we talk about one of my favorite topics – the energetics of words! She explains the importance of the way we speak and how this is key to manifest the life of our dreams.

Mindi is a certified life coach for female entrepreneurs. Her holistic approach focuses on helping women thrive in all aspects of their lives, including body, mind, soul, and business.

During our chat, she dives deep into the science behind habits and recognizes that while our habits don’t define us, they play an important role in our mindset.

According to the wellness entrepreneur, everything is a choice and saying “I can’t choose” is a terrible way of still choosing! since the brain isn’t able to tell the difference between reality and imagination.

“Quit fighting for your limitations and start fighting for your limitlessness”

Mindi Huebner

Mindi believes we get to choose how we show up in our lives and that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. She also shares how simple word swaps can trick your brain to help you have a better mindset, and get rid of self-limiting beliefs.

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