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Episode #51: Eat What You Want and Stop Worrying About It with Whitney Catalano

Whitney Catalano joins me on the road to self-love today. She is a Food Freedom Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and body image coach, and she is also convinced that our bodies aren’t the problem, diet is!
This episode is all about learning to love your body, mindful eating and getting rid of your inner bully.

Where it all came from

Whitney grew up in a slightly bigger body. And although she was never marginalized for it, she was able to notice the difference between her body and her friends’.
It wasn’t until middle school when the body shame finally kicked and she became deeply aware of her body.
She recalls hating it for years and trying different diets that she eventually quit which led to even more weight gain.
Once she started college, the problem got worse when she began to use food as either punishment or reward. However, after admitting this was an issue, she decided to change careers and enrolled to become a Registered Dietitian.

“self-love is doing things that support yourself and making the best of even the worst days”

Whitney Catalano

During our ride, we touch on different subjects such as mindful eating, healthy habits and the most shocking one, thin privilege.

Like any other kind of privilege, thin privilege is an advantage not everybody has. It is considered the idea that slimmer bodies have a better place in society and therefore, greater access to resources.
As a result, people with larger bodies face consistent oppression, body-shaming and, in some cases, unequal access to employment or healthcare.

Whitney’s mission is to help you heal your relationship with food, abandon restriction habits, and learn positive self-talk.

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Whitney Catalano Trust Your Body Project

Road to Self-Love


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