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Episode #49: Making Holistic Healthcare Accessible with Kenshō

This is the first time I have two guests at the same time hit the road with me! Krista and Danny are the co-founders of Kensho Health and they’re on a mission to make Holistic healthcare accessible across America. This episode is jam-packed with so many interesting topics such as wellness, men, minimalism, and our favorite, self-love!

Kensho was born in 2018 and is the first health tech company built to make holistic health easy. A marketplace of verified holistic health and wellness practices, providers, and products.

The co-founders

Krista is a transformative coach, avid Yogui and has a background in emerging technologies.
This Oregonian considers herself what she calls a “flexitarian” in her eating, as she doesn’t believe in rules in general in life.

On the other hand Danny is a meditation teacher, an awesome hugger, and tells the show his greatest strength is being calmed in adversity and crazy situations.

The idea of Kensho was born out of necessity

Krista had a successful yet very stressful career which started to take a toll on her health after a few years of working in the emerging technologies field.
Due to the lack of positive results with conventional medicine, she began looking into alternative therapies and discovered the holistic health approach. However, she soon realized this option was neither affordable nor easy to find, at least within the U.S.

After meeting Danny and learning they both shared the same passion for spreading the power of holistic health, they knew they had to do something.
As a result, Kensho became a reality.

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