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Episode #48: Stretching in Public with Vinny Bonanno

This week Vinny Bonanno, founder of the Stretching in Public movement, Yoga teacher, and Holistic Health Coach rides with me on the road to self love.
Join us as Vinny shares his experience cross touring the US and spreading the love of movement and self-care.
In this episode, we talk about stretching as a way to listen to yourself more often and how to practice mindfulness through breathing.

But who is Vinny Bonanno?…

From being an accountant to spin teacher in midtown Manhattan, Vinny found that taking care of his body was the one thing he truly loved.

However, everything started to make sense in 2008 while at the JFK airport when he closed his eyes and literally started stretching (in public). To his surprise led to what he calls “an energetic exchange” as other people started doing the same.

After that magical moment, Vinny became more engaged in how people perceive him when he stretches. He is now leading meetups, retreats and most recently started teaching his stretching in public workshop.

What makes stretching in public different from yoga?

Stretching in public is a fun way to practice self-care even if you’re either not drawn to the word yoga or don’t have the money to go to a yoga studio but still want to take care of your body.

It’s a way to bring a combination of different practices, such as dance, yoga, and other disciplines to mindful people who are ready to take care of themselves.

In short, Vinny describes the Stretching in Public movement as a way to listen to your inner voice more often and be mindful of your needs.

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Stretching in Public with Vinny Bonanno
Stretching in Public with Vinny Bonanno

Road to Self-Love


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