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Episode #46: Trans is Beautiful with Ben Wallace

What an awesome show! Ben Wallace aka Gentle Ben is joining us on the road today!
In this episode, we have a rather deep and intimate conversation about self-acceptance and his self-love journey.
Ben recalls feeling different since he was little. He knew his experience with gender dysphoria was neither celebrated nor safe, which led to many isolating situations throughout his childhood.
He explains how most people believe transition happens when an actual physical transition occur. However, he is sure he was transgender since the moment he was born.

Ben’s journey has been long and hard. By the age of 14, he became institutionalized and with that, a huge life lesson came along.
He went from self-harming to drug and alcohol abuse. However, after feeling punished for his condition and overcoming his fears, he started to believe in self-love as “honoring the truth of who we are and embracing our creative birthright to express ourselves”.

The compassion activist stresses the importance for people in the transgender community to experience themselves outside of the identification of being trans, and to start honoring the truth of who they are.

This is a densely vulnerable episode where he shares how we as humans get to decide how we feel about who we are. He also shares tips for parents with transgender kids as he is convinced he was put on this planet to learn how to love himself through the transgender experience. Furthermore, his goal is to inspire others in the same situation love and heal their relationship with themselves.

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