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Episode #21: James Wedmore

What happens when you align with your passion, stop worrying about what others think, build a business by your own design, get paid to do what you love and make time for you with James Wedmore.

Join me in the car with James Wedmore, a man who I really look up to. James, is somewhat of an online business mastermind with a multimillion dollar business focused on teaching entrepreneurs who to embrace their true passion and purpose and get paid doing it.

In this episode we talk all about his journey from closed minded to spiritually enlightened, how to stop worrying about what others think, building a business by your own design and so much more.

As usual you can expect a road trip game or two- in fact, I almost stumped James during our round of Fuck, Marry, Kill! 

Also, every single thing that comes out of James’ mouth was a powerful soundbite ready to be used for the opening credits. I had a hard time choosing just one and I’d love to know what your favorite part of the show is. Leave a comment or tell me on my most recent instagram post!

Your reviews and ratings are always so well received and it means the world to me to know that you are joining me each week on the road with my very special guests!

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