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Episode #10: The Energetics of Self Love with Tracy Duhs

Today on The Road to Self Love, we’re journeying with Tracy Duhs—a wellness designer, designing wellness programs for individuals and corporations. Tracy is talking all about wellness on a subatomic level—beyond what you eat or how you work out, but down to your very thoughts’ ability to affect your biochemistry. So we’re getting into the basics of what does wellness even mean?

“It’s not something where you can just say; ‘I want to change this thought or this feeling.’ You have to have the desire and set the intention, but then it’s going to take the work, and that’s where the self love comes in—is being committed to doing that work.”

Tracy Duhs

We also talk about the importance of encouraging your dreams from childhood—how important that was for Tracy and how she navigates empowerment vs. entitlement for her own kids now that she’s a mom. When it comes to self love, Tracy shares the importance of learning how to trust your intuition and the power of walking away from something when you know it’s not right.

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