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Empowering Your Finances During The Pandemic with Sandra Grahame

It’s all about healthy finances today!

This week I’m talking with money expert, Sandra Grahame. She is the founder of Smart Cookies; a digital platform designed to help ambitious women achieve life-changing financial goals.

Sandra and 5 other friends started the company 12 years ago intending to get smarter about money while avoiding becoming obsessed over spreadsheets and budgeting.

After a short year of implementing the system they had created together, massive results showed up as they were able to pay off more than $50,000 in debt, and increased their earnings by more than $100,000.

The successes kept rolling in! Sandra and her team were featured on Oprah, she published two books and even traveled across North America as a spokesperson for American Express and Proctor and Gamble.

“Financial setbacks can become your greatest comebacks if you’re willing to see what’s on the other side of them”

Sandra Grahame

Sandra knows how hard it is to talk about money and explains how most people carry shame, emotion, and guilt when it comes to their finances.

Three powerful action steps you can take towards healthier finances during the pandemic:

  1. Try and defer payments for a few months. Reach out to your service providers and ask for payment forgiveness so you can get some breathing room at least for a few months.
  2. Get clear on where you’re money is going. Keep tabs on your spending and the interest rates you’re paying. It is always a good idea to ask yourself ‘would I have rather had this money go towards something else?’
  3. Get to the bottom of why you’re spending the way you’re doing it. What’s underneath all that?

Sandra is sure these simple and easy steps will allow you to look at your finances with a fresh set of eyes.

And reassures that getting your finances organized can be fun as long as you start making informed decisions.

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