Episode #6: Comfortable in Your Own Skin with Kayleigh Christina


Kayleigh Christina, wellness blogger, holistic nutrition & health coach, and CLEARstem skincare co-founder joins me on The Road to Self Love! She talks about how she started developing health problems while working in the corporate world when her lifestyle shifted from more active to sedentary, and then how she made shifts to take ownership of her health and wellness once again.

Self love is not something you just turn on one day, it’s something that you work on every single day and then you realize you’re not attacking yourself anymore.”

Kayleigh Christina

Kayleigh shares insights into what oils we should and should not be using on our faces (put down the coconut oil people!). We talk about being an influencer with a partner who isn’t big on social media, and why getting over comparison is the key to self love.

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